Spindrift Design Studio Inc.

Innova Global


Innova Global a world leader in noise and air emissions control and waste heat recovery systems for power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical and other industrial sites worldwide. Our work with Innova is wide ranging, from marketing collateral such as brochures and advertisements, to trade show booths and poster designs.

Innova Bro-Mockup2.jpg
Innova Bro-Mockup1.jpg

Brochure Series - Over 15 brochures were produced in this series.

Innova Line card Mockup.jpg

Four and Six Panel Presentation Folders

Innova Posters.jpg

Promotional Poster Series - Over 10 posters were produced highlighting area of expertise.

Innova Tradshow Promo.jpg

Promotion Postcards
Postcards and print ads were produced ahead of Innova Globals participation in O&G trade show in Australia. Spindrift design was also tasked to produce the trade show booth.